• Divorce Lawyer in Santa Barbara, CA
  • Family Law Office in Santa Barbara, CA - Charles M Oxton

    A highly-skilled and respected legal advisor with 40 years' experience representing clients in complex family law and civil matters

  • Divorce & Family Law in Santa Barbara - Georgia L Staab

    Thorough, professional legal representation in all aspects of family law, including child custody, visitation, and support

  • Santa Barbara Divorce Lawyer - Eric B Gans

    Committed to providing high-quality, efficient advocacy and strategic counsel to a wide array of civil and family law clients

OxtonStaabGans Attorneys is a collaboration of independent Santa Barbara litigation attorneys with a proven history of delivering high quality, professional legal representation for family law & divorce cases. Collectively, the law offices of Charles M. Oxton, Georgia L. Staab and Eric B. Gans are committed to delivering exceptional results for clients in the areas of family law and civil litigation.


We are a tight-knit group of lawyers with a common commitment to practicing law with integrity, approaching your case with a spirit of constructive problem-solving, and providing you with efficient, affordable, and individualized client service.

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We are committed to helping you protect yourself, your loved ones, and your interests by leveraging more than half a century of combined experience practicing family law in Santa Barbara to provide you with focused, strategic counsel and effective advocacy.

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Our approach combines the flexibility and client-centered focus of sole practitioners with the collective wisdom, skill, and capability of a team.

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