Choosing a Lawyer

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Hiring a lawyer, to advise you on how best to protect your interests and guide you through the confusing and often frightening process of litigation, is a very important decision. At a point in your life when you are faced with a variety of life-changing, and often completely unanticipated, decisions concerning your future, your family, your freedom, and your assets, finding a Santa Barbara attorney who can help you effectively address your problems with the calm and clarity required is not easy.

Whether you face critical decisions concerning your family (separation or divorce, restraining orders, child custody and visitation, adoption, pre- and post-marital agreements, third party liability, death or incapacity of a loved one, etc.); or you are embroiled in a legal dispute that threatens your personal or business assets (personal injury, breach of contract or tort claims, landlord-tenant and real estate issues); choosing an attorney who can help you navigate the process and proactively work to resolve your case is of paramount importance. And yet the question presents itself—whom to hire? With so many apparent choices, how do I decide? How will I know if they can help?

The difficulties of choosing a lawyer can usually be addressed and resolved in a one-hour consultation. You may not know precisely what questions to ask, but an experienced advocate will know, and will answer your questions in a way that makes clear the options available to you. They will provide you with a calm, measured assessment of the next steps in your case, and how best to proceed in order to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your interests.

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